Q&A: Adina Mangubat, CEO & Founder, Spiral Genetics (Part Two)

Adina Mangubat is the founder and CEO of Spiral Genetics. She was named one of Forbes ’30 Under 30′ in 2013 for Science and Healthcare, and one of the Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association’s Women to Watch in Life Science. Adina has twice been a speaker at the GapSummit and a mentor for the Voices of Tomorrow Competition.

We were fortunate to get some time to catch up with Adina and get her thoughts on the GapSummit, careers and career development in biotech, and being a young biotech entrepreneur. This is part two of our Q&A.


You and Spiral recently did a deal with Microsoft. Congrats, on that! Is it ever daunting dealing with these big industry giants? And, if it is, what do you do to bypass any mental barriers that comes with that?

Adina: (Laughs) You know I used to really be freaked out by people with big fancy titles from big corporations or multinational firms. Over time one of the things I’ve really realised is that ultimately all of these people are just like you and me.

To read more on the interview, click here.

This article has been reproduced from GBR. 

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