Singapore-based analytics start-up Biofourmis raises US$1 million for its health data analytics engine


Plenty of physiological and health data is being generated by the wearables market Credit:

BioFourmis, a Singapore-based physiological data analytics firm announced on August 11th that the company has secured USD$1Mn in angel funding, led by SpesNet and Eden Strategy. BioFourmis has been actively working with the healthcare sector to offer predictive, precise and meaningful insights into one’s health.

“With the increasing uptake of wearable technology and biosensors, there is an explosion of healthcare data being created daily. Our vision is to empower people by making personalised healthcare data understandable and actionable through cutting-edge technology,” said Kuldeep Singh, Founder & CEO, BioFourmis

He further added, “Our product Biovitals can intelligently read and interpret all types of data, no matter what its form. It interprets and fuses healthcare data from almost any source, creating highly optimised monitoring solutions and accurate health predictions.”

Biovitals is a state-of-the art analytics engine that uses cognitive technology and advanced machine learning to provide actionable health insights. Biovitals intelligently interprets any form of data formulating personalized health models that are understandable and actionable displaying real-time patient information and physiological changes, thus, offering real-time suggestions for proactive and preventative healthcare actions especially in cardiovascular diseases.

Commenting further, Mark Niu, Co-Founder, BioFourmis said, “Whether you are a medical institution or nutritionist, care giver or corporate executive, our aim is to empower you to provide new healthcare services and solutions. Our aim is to break-away from the traditional population-based metrics and provide personalised health models.

“At SpesNet, we thrive to bring technology and healthcare together. BioFourmis is leading the market in developing solutions for the healthcare data analytics market. Their solutions are effective, powerful, and personalised which we believe is vital for that segment”.

Mr Calvin Chu Yee Ming, Partner, Eden Strategy added, “Eden selectively incubates promising start-ups and mid-stage organizations. We believe in BioFourmis’s promise of moving away from conventional healthcare systems and making it more personalised and real-time.”

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