Touch Surgery: Practice surgery anytime, anywhere!

Touch Surgery is a mobile platform that allows doctors, health care professionals and medical students to learn and practice surgical procedures on their phone.


Touch Surgery is a serious game on mobile devices designed for physicians, in particular, that guides the player through a series of surgical procedures, using a process called Cognitive Task Simulation, which fragments each operation in its early stages and key decision points. It is based on the assumption that surgical performance is achieved by the combination of effective decision-making and technical surgical skills. The system keeps track of the scores achieved and allows them to be shared with their colleagues.

The application is totally free to use!

DSC_5994 (2)

Touch surgery was cofounded in 2013. Dr. Jean Nehme M.D was training as an academic and plastic surgeon at Imperial College London where the idea of mobile rehearsal tool sparked. Whilst training he was confronted by a recurrent problem amongst practicing surgeons, the complex process of learning a surgical procedure. The resident surgeon is usually confronted with a patient that requires an operation that the doctor hasn’t done before, and sometimes you spend many months without doing that operation.

“The first time I learned how to operate was on a real patient. This process is inefficient, variable and not safe,” said Jean Nehme now CEO of Touch Surgery.

DSC_6020The are very few rehearsals tools and simulations platforms that are accessible out there. Jean approached Andre Chow, his senior at the time to join him on this crazy adventure. Jumping from being to the doctor to entrepreneurs isn’t an easy feat, but after a thoughtful process, they figured that by creating Touch Surgery they will help more people than in their whole medical career.

They have now built a mobile app that enables the user to experience 3D animations of real life procedures and practice the operation first hands. Touch Surgery is now capable to digitally spread surgical best practice from experts knowledge from Stanford, Yale, Harvard, etc and from leading medical institutions globally to the hands of every surgeon with a smartphone.

Touch Surgery presented at multiple international conferences and won the Founders Forum Singapore Rising Star awards and the London Business School Delloite Digital Health Award in 2015. They have also been featured in the NIKKEI asian review!

The company’s vision is to give access to modern surgical education to the surgeons that can’t even access a computer.

The founders published 3 academic researchers that validate the cognitive ability of Touch Surgery. In addition to that they have been a part of the academic curriculum of Johns Hopkins University.

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