Fazer to boost brainpower with Vertical accelerator

>> Fazer becomes a Vertical accelerator partner company
>> Fazer joins Vertical’s pool of industry leading partner companies covering the whole health startup value chain
>> Vertical portfolio startups get access to Fazer’s deep consumer and market insights and nutritional expertise

downloadFinnish food and food service company Fazer joins the first Nordic digital health, wellness, and sports startup accelerator Vertical as a partner. Fazer joins Vertical’s pool of industry leading partner companies and will be closely involved in the startup accelerator program.

Fazer is looking for startups to co-develop solutions increasing brain health and cognitive performance. The company has started a major new research and business development programme called Brainfood that aims to create innovative solutions to maintain and improve brainpower and brain well-being at the different stages of life. Food and nutrition together with sleep and physical and mental exercise are the central factors of cognitive performance and brain health.

“We see a need for a wider and more open co-operation with different players from universities to partner companies and startups,” says Heli Arantola, SVP, strategy and renewal of The Fazer Group. “Our aim is to create an ecosystem that renews the food industry and creates innovations.”

As a Vertical partner, Fazer offers Vertical program startups access to deep consumer and market insight as well as nutritional expertise. The startups will get an opportunity to network and spar with the best professionals and decision makers in the field. Fazer will also offer a physical test kitchen facility to try out innovative ideas.

Fazer is the newest addition to Vertical’s group of partner companies and organizations. The previous company to join the accelerator was Amer Sports, the leading sporting goods company with internationally recognized brands like Suunto, Wilson, and Salomon.

“We’re very excited to welcome Fazer as our partner company,” Vertical accelerator CEO Paolo Borella says. “We are now starting to have a comprehensive suite of partners that cover all parts of the health and wellness startup value chain.”

In addition to Fazer, Vertical partners include market leading device manufacturer Samsung, innovative mobile data and service provider Sonera, one of the largest hospital districts in the world HUS, and advanced sports equipment company Amer Sports.

“No matter what eld our portfolio startups are working in, we have a partner that will know the industry, have great networks, and get the startups to the market. We’re also constantly looking to add new companies and organizations to our top-notch group of partners,” Paolo says.

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