Life-coaching Workshop For Researchers at MBI, NUS


Credit: Pixabay

The Junior Scientists Group, together with the Women in Science at the Mechanobiology Institute (MBI), is organising a life-coaching workshop for researchers called “De-Clutter Your Life”  by Reena Yadav. Reena Yadav is a life coach who comes from a research background and hence is able to provide the right kind of life coaching for this unique and intellectual group. In the “De-clutter your life” workshop, Reena will share her knowledge on how to keep the mind open to recognise and embrace what is working and let go what is not.  Learning to “de-clutter” would be especially beneficial to researchers to remain motivated and stay focused at work at all times.

Reena Yadav is the author of the book “MANTRA: Manchester Database of tRNA and related sequences”. Reena has 15+ years of experience in global corporates including AstraZeneca and Genotypic, where she worked as a scientist in the field of tuberculosis drug discovery and Next Generation Sequencing.

In 2013, Reena established IADLife Welfare and Research Center at Bangalore, India, IADLIfe stands for both ‘It’s A Deserving Life’ and ‘It’s A Dignified Life’. For more details please visit:

Date: Wednesday, 10th Aug 2016

Time: 10am to 4pm

Venue: Level 5 Seminar Room, T-Lab Building, 5A Engineering Drive 1, Singapore 117411

Token registration fee: 20$ 

To register, please email Megan at

** Refreshments will be provided**

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