Weekly Roundup: Biotechin.Asia

Weekly Highlights for July, 11 2016-July, 17 2016

Highlights 11-17

NTU, A*STAR: Scientific papers retracted, PhD revoked, professor fired

Prof Ravi Kambadur who lead the myostatin research group in the School of Biological Science, NTU, and had a joint appointment at the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), A*STAR, Singapore, has been sacked and one of his ex-PhD students, Sudarsanareddy Lokireddy, has got his doctoral degree revoked following a research integrity scandal that was looming large over NTU in the past one year. Lokireddy was implicated in falsifying data in the research conducted when he was a PhD student at NTU, while Prof. Kambadur was found to be “wilfully negligent” in his supervision of the group, said the university in a statement. Click here to read more…

New Material Kills E.Coli Bacteria in 30 Seconds

Every day, we are exposed to millions of harmful bacteria that can cause infectious diseases, such as the E. coli bacteria. Now, researchers at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN) of A*STAR have developed a new material that can kill the E. coli bacteria within 30 seconds. This finding has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Small. Triclosan, a common ingredient found in many products such as toothpastes, soaps and detergents to reduce or prevent bacterial infections, has been linked to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics and adverse health effects. The European Union has restricted the use of triclosan in cosmetics1, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is conducting an on-going review of this ingredient2. Click here to read more…

Obesity in China – A Very Real Threat

Obesity is an undeniable global threat – a threat not just to health and society, but to the global economy. Today, nearly 640 million people in the world are obese and according to research by the McKinsey Global institute (MGI), the total economic impact of this is around US$2 trillion per year or 2.8% of world GDP. (Please scroll below for the video). Obesity is a global crisis, but a crisis that is also affecting China in a serious way. As of 2016, China has the largest obesity population in the world at nearly 90 million, including 43.2 million men and 46.4 million women. Click here to read more…

Neuroscientists Identify How Brain Relates Memories across Time

Research findings suggest that tweaking the brain can strengthen memory links lost with aging. A study at UCLA‘s David Geffen School of Medicine led by neuroscientists Dr. Peyman Golshani and Dr. Alcino Silva has demonstrated that contextual memories acquired close in time are linked by directing storage into overlapping areas in the brain.“In the real world, memories don’t happen in isolation. Our past experiences influence the creation of new memories, help us predict what to expect and make informed decisions in the future.” said first author Denise Cai, a researcher in Silva’s lab. Click here to read more…

Advancing Cancer Therapy Using a Novel Microfluidic device

At SMART (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology), husband and wife duo, Dr. Andrea Pavesi and Dr. Giulia Adriani have developed a novel microfluidic device that enables the application of an electric field therapy to single or aggregated cancer cells [Tumour Treating Fields (TTFields)] that can help advance cancer therapy and may render customised therapy a reality. Microfluidics is the science of controlling and processing small amounts of fluids in networks of small channels, with applications ranging from DNA chips to micro-thermal technologies. Microfluidic devices are integrated, portable devices that provides a 3D microenvironment for cells, allowing laboratory tests to be done swiftly. Click here to read more…


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