PurpleHealth.com, a “Health On Demand” platform, raises USD 100,000 from Katabole Technology Venture

PurpleHealth.com, a 360-degree “Health On Demand” platform, has raised USD 100,000 from disruptive tech investor, Katabole Technology Venture.

Founded in 2014, PurpleHealth.com is a 360-degree health and wellness platform that delivers a diverse spectrum of solutions, services and products to consumers, corporates, healthcare providers and institutions. The platform empowers consumers to take active control of their health by providing a one-stop seamless interface to choose the right medical practitioners, schedule appointments, set up video & audio chats with doctors and much more, thus helping them better manage their health and wellness interactions.

Furthermore, PurpleHealth enables healthcare providers with tools and technologies that assist them to better engage with their customers. The platform currently has over 38,000 doctors and 4000 hospitals as part of its vast and growing network.

Vikram Nair, Co-founder & CEO, PurpleHealth.com says, “At PurpleHealth, we work with a unique ‘Total Health’ approach that focuses on meeting the country’s (and moving forward, the world’s) health-care challenges with integrated solutions through a 360-degree health platform. The Indian healthcare sector is expected to register a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9% during 2015-20 and grow to USD 280 billion. We intend to play a substantial part in that growth story by creating a massive, positive impact on how health & wellness products and services are accessed by and delivered to every individual, corporate & institution.”

He adds, “We will use this round of funding to further build on the PurpleHealth.com product roadmap and strengthen the team.”

Balaji Jagannathan, Founder & CEO, Katabole says, “We believe that when it comes to health, people today, by and large, feel disempowered. They want the ability to choose and decide by themselves and they crave the right platform that will give them access to all the information they need to make their health-related decisions.

He further adds, “What really excited us about PurpleHealth was their inclusive approach that recognizes the scale of the problems the health space presents, and looks for imaginative (and sustainable) solutions that deal with the ecosystem, and involve all stakeholders, small and big – healthcare providers, corporates, other institutions and individual consumers. With this as the backdrop, we are positively confident that PurpleHealth.com will disrupt the Health & Wellness industry. Their product roadmap is very exciting and we are looking forward to the innovations that PurpleHealth will be bringing to the market.”

About PurpleHealth

PurpleHealth is a 360-degree health platform that delivers a large and diverse spectrum of solutions, services and products to consumers, healthcare providers and institutions.

Currently, the Healthcare delivery ecosystem operates through individual, independent and unconnected silos. PurpleHealth aims to build collaborative healthcare distribution models with a common customer pool, through integrated technology.

PurpleHealth enables consumers to take active control of their health by providing a one stop seamless interface with it’s fast growing healthcare network, which is already 38,000 Doctors and 4000 Hospitals strong. The platform empowers its users to choose the right medical practitioners, schedule appointments, set up video & audio chats with doctors, and much more. PurpleHealth’s range of products and services spans the entire spectrum of health and wellness needs.

PurpleHealth believes that in order to achieve a positive impact, it is important to provide quantifiable, personalized and accessible care, services and solutions to the consumer. In addition, PurpleHealth provides bundled Health and Wellness solutions to corporates – customized at individual and group level – due to the growing incidence of chronic and preventable lifestyle ailments. The goal of these solutions is to reward healthy behaviours and positively reinforce healthy living habits amongst its users.

PurpleHealth Co-founders: L-R Vikram Nair, Prakash Sathyapalan, Mini Balaraman

PurpleHealth Co-founders: L-R Vikram Nair, Prakash Sathyapalan, Mini Balaraman

About Katabole Technology Venture

Katabole means disruption and also, laying the foundation. It is the genesis of an exciting future, seeded by technology and driven by possibility-thinking. Katabole has a simple, crystal-clear purpose: pick smart people with fresh, disruptive, technology-driven ideas and help convert those ideas into big, phenomenally big, really, really, really big businesses, worldwide that challenge and obliterate the status quo.

Katabole invests in disruptive ideas across Education, Healthcare, Fintech, Digital, Security, Storage, IOT, Mobile, Social Networks and Data Analytics.


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