Global Biotech Revolution with Key Supporting Partner Biotechin.Asia Launches Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow 2016 

An opportunity has arrived for youth in Singapore to learn from and meet some of the most influential leaders in the biotechnology and healthcare sector. If you have a passion for biotech and want to have a go at solving some of our biggest problems through innovation then this event is for you. Global Biotech Revolution, a not-for-profit organization based at University of Cambridge, UK is bringing the acclaimed GapSummit to Singapore as the Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) Forum with Biotechin.Asia as the Key Supporting Partner.

GapSummit is the world’s first inter-generational and inter-cultural leadership summit in biotechnology where the world’s leading minds in biotechnology meet up and discuss the ‘gaps’ in the biotech industry – be it Research & Innovation gap, Funding gap or public perception gap. The aim is to connect the biotech think-tanks, industrial leaders and research pioneers who are going to become the young bio-leaders of tomorrow and initiate a discussion about the gaps in the sector.

Applications are now OPEN!

                                          (Deadline 22nd August, 23:59 SGT For more info, click here! )

The inaugural SLoT Forum aims to create a group of focused and motivated bio-leaders who will help advance the biotech and healthcare ecosystem in Singapore. During the event, two panel discussions between various field experts in biotechnology and healthcare will be conducted on the themes of “Asian Phenotypic Diseases- a real phenomenon” and “Ideation, Insights &… (your imagination)” giving our 50 carefully selected Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT) valuable insights on both the biggest healthcare problems in Asia as well as the current bio-industry’s startup culture straight from present bio-leaders in the field.

The highlight of the SLoT Forum is the “Voices of Tomorrow (VoT)” competition that challenges participants to create solutions to identified gaps in the biotech and healthcare industry which will be debated throughout the event.

  • Research & Innovation Gap
  • Funding Gap
  • People Gap
  • Future Health Gap
  • Public Perception & Education Gap

Prior to the event itself, the future leaders will work in teams to develop impactful solutions to address the gaps discussed. To maximise the likelihood of sparking real-life innovations, startups and projects; teams will work with dedicated mentors with startup experience. The teams will then present their business plans at the SLoT Forum, where prizes awarded can be used as seed funding along with support from mentors.

SLoT Forum

Here are a few reasons why you should apply:

  • Be selected as one of the 50 Leaders of Tomorrow (LoT) to attend the SLoT Forum.
  • Build your general awareness about the state of global biotechnology.
  • Develop your long-term career plans based on highlighted future needs and skill sets predicted in and around the field of biotechnology.
  • Learn about job opportunities in successful and exciting biotechnology companies as well as academic institutions.
  • Discuss and brainstorm ideas that you can develop now at the VoT competition
  • Network with Leaders of Today (research pioneers, medical professionals, CEOs of top biotech companies, venture capitalists and policy makers) and also meet similarly ambitious peers.
  • Have fun — connect with amazing people.

If you’re wondering how to apply, the SLoT Forum application is an online process and is now open. Click HERE for more information about the SLoT forum. Click HERE to apply. The closing date for applications is August 22nd 2016, 23:59 SGT.

For more information on SLoT Forum, Please click HERE!

Note: The Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow Forum is open ONLY to residents of Singapore.

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