Weekly Roundup: Biotechin.Asia

June 6, 2016 – June 12, 2016

Highlights 6-13 JuneA plate that absorbs excess calories: steps to resolve obesity

Hippocrates, father of Western medicine said, “It is very injurious to health to take in more food than the constitution will bear, when, at the same time one uses no exercise to carry off this excess.” A satirical take on the problem of obesity but the reality lies – it is a global concern. Other than being a serious health concern, obesity has a mental impact that derives from “body-shaming”, and “fat” being a social stigma of sorts. Obesity is, as defined by the WHO, abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Click here to read more…

BETADINE from Mundipharma, a More Effective Way in Preventing Hand Foot & Mouth Disease

In recent past, we have heard  news or seen cases where young children and even some adults are afflicted with sores in/on their mouth, hands, feet or other parts of the body. Many of them have been diagnosed with  the Hand Foot and Mouth Disease infection to which young children are especially vulnerable  due to their low immunity level. It is a highly contagious viral infection that can require kindergartens and child care centers to be closed, to break the virus transmission cycle. Singapore Ministry of Health had stated last month that the weekly number of HFMD cases reached its seasonal peak this year from 8 May to 14 May totalling 1,317 cases which is a four-year high.  Click here to read more…

The link between chronic pain and depression: which comes first?

It’s easy to imagine that people with persistent pain have cause to become depressed. After all, it’s a problem that affects every part of life, not just the bit that got injured. But like so much to do with persistent pain, it becomes harder to unravel exactly what the relationship is when one digs a little further. For instance, it has been repeatedly shown that people with increased emotional distress going in to surgery use more painkillers and generally fare worse afterwards. On the other hand, we have also known for a long time that unexplained pain is one of the common features of diagnosable depressive illness. Click here to read more…

Muscular dystrophy model created using pluripotent stem cells

Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHMD, FSHD or FSH) is an autosomal dominant inherited form of muscular dystrophy (MD). This type of MD, affects the skeletal muscles of the face (facio), scapula or shoulder blade (scapulo) and upper arms (humeral). FSHD is the third most common genetic disease of the skeletal muscle affecting 1 in 8,000 people, however no treatment is available for this condition. The lack of experimental models of FSHD has hampered the understanding of the disease, thus inhibiting progress in development of therapies. Click here to read more…

New Advances in Bone Healing

Market analysts expect that in the next few years, growth in the geriatric population, specifically in Asia, will create a higher demand for regenerative medicine, namely orthobiologics-related technology such as bone grafting, spinal infusions and cartilage implants. Other factors such as obesity-related bone diseases, sedentary lifestyles and spurts in the number of sports-related injuries are also contributing to higher demand in the orthobiologics market. Click here to read more…


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