Winning Entries of Bio-ideate Asia-Pacific Biohack Competition

The inaugural run of the Bio-ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition jointly organized by Biotechin.Asia and Croeni Foundation concluded recently with some exciting biohack entries from the Asia-Pacific region. The competition aims to encourage science enthusiasts to find novel ways to solve healthcare challenges that are unique to Asia-Pacific countries using life sciences and technologies.

This year, we received about 21 entries from various countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Australia, Japan and China who underwent a tough selection process that included infographics/posters, social media voting, video pitching, judging by experts and the winners were announced on May 20th! We are pleased to present the winning entries of the three teams and the team that was given a “Honourable mention” by the judges.

Grand Prize Winner: Team EsoGlove, Singapore 

This team made the prototype for a soft and wearable glove that provides assistance to hand movements during activities of daily living (ADL) and rehabilitation for hand-impaired patients.


Grand Prize Winner: Team EsoGlove (From L-R): Hong Kai Yap, Raye Yeow Chen Hua, Benjamin Ang Wee Keong.

Their winning idea is-


1st Runner Up – Team Neurospeed, Taiwan 

This team developed an idea of a rapid screening device, which could do detailed course monitoring, recording, and data analyzing, and moreover, assist clinical members like doctors and nurses, to get an early diagnosis of whether it is stroke or not, and savethe patients.

Team Neurospeed

1st Runner Up: Team Neurospeed: (From L-R) Chong,Wai-How, Yang,Chun-Chen, Ke,Jr-Jian, Wang,Ching-Fu, Chen,Wei-Cheng, Chu,Hai-Jui, Weng, Chien-Hsiu (Huang, Chin-Hsun isn’t in the picture)

Their winning idea is –



Based on the concept of precision medicine, they are aiming to engineer E.coli for cancer therapies.

photo APOllO-2

2nd Runner Up: Team APOllO NCTU_FORMOSA- (From L-R) Yu-Ting Lin; Lung-Chieh,Chen ; Ng Fung Ling and Chih-Hsuan Hsu

Their winning idea is-

Honourable mention: Team HAIgene, Singapore

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) represent a significant problem in the healthcare industry. Their proposed solution addresses the problem of HAIs due to poor hand hygiene.


Honourable Mention: Team HAIgene – From (L-R) Jo-ern, Irsyad, Zheng Ting and Zi Xin

Their video is as follows:


Biotechin.Asia and Croeni Foundation would like to once again congratulate the winners of the biohack!


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