A plate that absorbs excess calories: steps to resolve obesity


Hippocrates, father of Western medicine said, “It is very injurious to health to take in more food than the constitution will bear, when, at the same time one uses no exercise to carry off this excess.” A satirical take on the problem of obesity but the reality lies – it is a global concern. Other than being a serious health concern, obesity has a mental impact that derives from “body-shaming”, and “fat” being a social stigma of sorts.

Obesity is, as defined by the WHO, abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.  In simpler words, it is an increased intake of highly calorific foods without a counterbalance of increase in physical activity which leads to weight gain.  Being overweight and obese is attributed to increase in deaths rather than being underweight. The factors contributing to obesity are commonly known to be diabetes, ischemic heart disease and certain type of cancers.

Thai food is known to be all kinds of delicious, scrumptious, and spicy but the reality hits when one realizes that the grease from its food is at an all-time high. This leads to Thailand having the second-highest obesity rate in South East Asia which is concerning (Thailand Business News). It has instigated the advertising agency – BBDO Bangkok, in collaboration with Thai Health Promotion Foundation to invent an ‘AbsorbPlate‘.

The AbsorbPlate looks like any ordinary plate but is said to be revelation when it comes to absorbing 7 mL of oil (or an average of 30 calories), from a serving on it. This absorption is due to its easy design of a sponge surface that soaks the oil/grease and the presence of 500 perforated holes. The Thai Government’s efforts have come to fore after the recent rise in the obesity rate of the country. Thai cuisine is high in the rate of oil usage, and this comes as a reasonable solution for the people to enjoy their meal without heavily impacting their health!

Quotes from Hippocrates is cited in a .pdf of a commentaryThe original link to the article can be found here. The image was taken from here.  

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