Weekly Roundup: Biotechin.Asia

Weekly highlights: May, 23 2016-May, 30 2016

Highlight 23-30 May

Rice water helps in hair growth, research confirms

Have you noticed that Asian women have baby-soft skin and shiny black hair? This beauty secret lies in their kitchen. Unlike the rest of the world, Asian women do not throw away the water in which they wash or boil rice. Instead, they make a concoction out of it and use it on their face and hair. This hair care beauty practice came into existence when women farmers in China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries bathed in the water used for cleaning rice. Click here to read more…

Removing the roadblocks against GM mustard in India

India might finally have its first transgenic seed available in farmer fields, if approved. Introduction of genetically modified (GM) mustard has had a tumultuous history in the country. Several activist groups claim that it will be a gateway to several other GM food crops — tomato, rice, brinjal, etc — and that these may pose health and ecological risks. Currently, GM cotton is the only transgenic crop commercially available in farmer fields. Click here to read more…

This gadget knows your heart better than you do

The SmartBand 2 is Sony’s latest wearable with inbuilt advanced heart monitoring sensors that keeps track of your busy lifestyle – it can even tell when you are stressed out! It automatically tracks your activities like walking and running and charts your heartbeat along with it. Similar to the many other fitness wearables in the market, the SmartBand 2 is a wrist wearable measuring 40.7 x 15.3 x 9.5mm, weighs just 25g and in keeping up with Sony’s waterproof features, the SmartBand 2 is waterproof for up to 3m. It can be connected via Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth functions. Click here to read more…

Stem cell advance could be key step toward treating deadly blood diseases

UCLA scientists get closer to creating blood stem cells in the lab. Scientists at the UCLA Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research have made several discoveries that are critically important to understanding how blood stem cells are created and maintained — both in the body and in the laboratory. Click here to read more…

Disgusting, yes! But eating cockroaches can save your life

One man’s food is another man’s fright. While the West is thinking of ways to put an end to cockroaches, China is going the extra mile to breed them. In fact, cockroach farms are a thriving business in China. It is common knowledge that the Chinese eat insects. But the foodies from the Orient consume cockroaches not because they are scrumptious, but because these winged creatures are packed with nutrients and other health benefits. Click here to read more…

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