On Earth Day, forum meets at Beijing to discuss green plans

The heavily populated China is strategizing methods to create a clean environment. Recently, a group of Chinese experts, officials and environmentalists met in Beijing to discuss ways to promote ecology-oriented development.

The experts brought to the fore several case studies. They analyzed the challenges involved in environment protection in China.

“China is on its way to transforming the economic growth model and advancing structural reform,” said Han Meng, a researcher from Institute of Economics, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). “We are witnessing the renaissance of a large scale ecology-oriented transformation of development and the green economy. During this process, we need to abandon our reliance on sectors with high energy consumption and high pollution.” Meng told China.org.

The Chinese experts analyzed the challenges involved in environment protection in China.

Chinese experts analyze the challenges involved in environmental protection in China

Xing Dongtian from the Food Safety Project, CASS, said that the need of the hour is to solve the bottleneck problem currently restricting the environment quality improvement.

“The world we are living in is now at a critical point. We must reestablish trust between urban and rural areas and improve the environment. Only then can we really improve the health of the people and boost demand in an environmentally friendly way,” he said.

Recently a nationwide survey on public views of China’s ecological environment was carried out. The results were analyzed by ISOCS Group from China Earth Day Research Center. This is the fourteenth consecutive year the survey has been carried out. As per the results, issues pertaining to ecological imbalances and environmental degradation must be addressed, said Wang Xuhui, founder and director of the survey project.

“What makes this survey special is its unique perspective. Being Chinese, we have been told so many times about what we’ve done wrong to the environment. This survey takes the view of the people to evaluate the work of service providers.”

The forum is co-hosted by the CASS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Development Research Center of the State Council and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

Meanwhile, Disney Nature has unveiled a one-of-a-kind movie called ‘Born in China,’ which takes you through the breathtaking wilds of China. The movie is set to release next year.

This article by Caroline Diana was reproduced with permission from Asia Times.

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