Lybrate launches online doctor consultation service on Facebook Messenger

Becomes first healthcare company in India to launch service on Messenger Platform

Lybrate, India’s first and largest online doctor consultation platform, today announced the launch of its online doctor consultation service on Messenger to allow people to communicate and seek opinion on health queries from doctors and stay updated on health-related information through the engaging platform. Lybrate is first healthcare company in India to launch such a service on Messenger’s bot platform.

Read more on Lybrate’s coverage by Biotechin.Asia here.

Lybrate’s bot on Messenger will help people ask a health-related query from its network of over 100,000 doctors conveniently in real-time, and gain seamless access to authenticated medical content that is shared by healthcare experts themselves.

Lybrate - Facebook Messenger copy

Lybrate has also integrated its unique Health Quiz in the Messenger bot to make the platform engaging, in its attempt to encourage users to become aware about multiple health issues that people normally ignore.

“It is exciting to be India’s first healthcare company to be on Messenger Platform and be able to provide smooth doctor access to people and enable them to consume health information that is shared by doctors who have amassed a wealth of medical knowledge over so many years. It is Lybrate’s one more step towards letting people in the country be more serious about their health. While we are making doctor availability seamless through our online doctor consultation platform, our first-of-its kind and unique Health Feed is making people become thoughtful about their health even when they are fit. And to make health an engaging topic, we have found out an innovative solution by way of a Health Quiz to spread more awareness about health issues,” said Saurabh Arora, Founder and CEO, Lybrate. 

Lybrate has over 100,000 doctors on its platform from more than 50 specialties from across India. The company’s Health Feed encourages users to stay healthy and fit by consuming authentic medical content that is shared by doctors themselves. Similar to Facebook’s News Feed, Lybrate’s Health Feed, consisting of answers to health queries and health tips by doctors, pushes the preventive side of medicine. It is intended to make people give their health due importance not only when they are sick, but also when they are fine and doing well.

Lybrate keeps identity of the users anonymous, helping people to even seek opinion on health subjects they are not comfortable with. The Lybrate service on Messenger can be accessed from

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