Weekly Highlights: Biotechin.Asia

Weekly roundup: April 18, 2016 – April 24, 2016

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BRCA1 gene: More than just a brake against breaks

The BRCA1 gene or Breast Cancer Gene 1 became a popular name after Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie tested positive for a mutation in it. It is famously known as the Angelina Jolie gene now! It has been a subject of interest over the years. Known for it’s role in preventing breast cancer by repairing breaks in double-stranded DNA, scientists at the Cancer Therapy and Research Centre in San Antonio, Texas have found new evidences to prove that there could be more to this gene than what is already known. Click here to read more..

NTU Singapore pulls ahead of renowned universities for research in the latest Nature Index

Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) has emerged as Singapore’s top institution in research for the second consecutive year. In the 2016 Nature Index, NTU is ranked No. 1 in Singapore among universities as well as among research institutions. Globally, NTU is ranked 32nd among universities and 37th among the global research institutions. Click here to read more..

MBI Women in Science – Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran

The Mechanobiology Institute Women in Science (MBI-WIS) at the National University of Singapore is an organization composed of graduate students, staff, post-doctoral fellows and faculty in the sciences in Singapore who are dedicated to advancing the participation of women in all areas of science and achieve equity. As a part of their career talks which are organized once in three months, I got the chance to attend a talk by Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran, who works as a scientific writer in MBI, NUS. Lakshmi has donned multiple roles in her career from being a drug discovery scientist at AstraZeneca to being a science consultant, author of a book and presently a scientific writer at the MBI (Mechanobiology Institute), NUS. She spoke on “Changing Lanes and Shifting Gears in Science Careers” where she presented about some of the atlernate science careers available with a particular emphasis on her own career trajectory and about maintaining a work-life balance. Click here to read more..


Yoh Chie Lu: There is gap between research and commercialization in the biotech sector

Yoh Chie Lu (YCL) is the founder of Biosensors International Group Ltd. He has been its chairman and CEO from its inception to 2008. He retained his leadership position as chairman of the Group since January 2008. Mr. Lu has more than 30 years’ experience in the medical industry. As chairman, Mr. Lu’s experience, leadership and track record has proven to be critical. While serving as CEO, he was responsible for Biosensors’ business strategies and directions, the implementation of corporate plans and policies, and the general management of business. Click here to read more about this interview..


Meet the founders of eMediNexus – Nilesh Aggarwal & Amit Sharma

eMediNexus is India’s mobile and web enabled professional networking platform for doctors. By delivering cutting edge instructional and discussion oriented clinical content to doctors mediated by key opinion leaders, it allows them to address the current vacuum in their continuous medical education needs. The platform provides doctors with the last 24 hours in medicine, the opportunity to engage within their specialties, access national medical event and association feeds, and discuss individually with each other or the broader doctor community. Click here to read more..

TR35 Innovators Under 35 Asia: Dr Jia Hao Cheong

Dr Jia Hao Cheong was one of the Top 10 Honorees of 2016 MIT TR35’s regional list of Innovators Under 35 in Asia. He was awarded the Best Student Paper in IEEE International Conference on Electron Devices and Solid-state Circuits (EDSSC) 2008. He was also the co-recipient of the Gold Prize in Chip Design Competition of International Symposium of Integrated Circuits (ISIC) 2011. Click here to read more..

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