InvitroCue and SciKon Innovation Forge an Alliance to Create the Future of Perfused Human Liver Tissue

InvitroCue (ASX:IVQ), the in-vitro cell-based assaying company, and Scikon Innovation Inc. a US-based life sciences company,  announced a strategic technology partnership yesterday that will enable InvitroCue to enhance its focus on delivering customer-centric innovation for its high-value biopharmaceutical customers. The agreement will allow InvitroCue to leverage SciKon’s capability in the fluidics device space.

InvitroCue’s strategic rationale behind this partnership is threefold:

  • Lay the foundation for the development of a breakthrough technology platform in in vitro 3D perfused liver to drive innovation that is robust, reliable and scalable,
  • Expedite and facilitate potential new application notes in DMPK and infectious liver diseases,
  • Channel in-house cell-based assays, 3D liver model and high-throughput technology efforts toward the forefront of industry innovation.

InvitroCue’s teams in Singapore and China will develop and deploy a distinctive proprietary technology architecture that will combine SciKon’s leading perfusion fluidics based flow-device SciFlow 1000TM Fluidic Culture System with InvitroCue’s in-house developed assaying solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of its high-value biopharmaceutical customers.

InvitroCue has a history of pioneering technology innovation and establishing industry firsts for liver related testing assays through its participation with pharmaceutical-driven DMPK in-vitro analysis on liver drug compounds. Over the last semester, it has also introduced disease-specific drug contents screening related to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and leishmaniasis. The partnership agreement with SciKon demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to driving customer-centric innovation and best-in-class technological solutions.

“This game-changing alliance will benefit our biopharmaceutical customers and brand institutional partners, allowing us to push our ambitions even further as we continue to create the future of in vitro 3D engineered liver. The partnership with SciKon will enable our exceptionally talented technology team to focus on what it is renowned for: industry-leading innovation, cutting-edge technology and customer-centric solutions, ultimately paving towards precision medicine,” commented Dr. Steven Fang, Executive Director of InvitroCue.

“The global in vitro industry is constantly reinventing itself, and creating innovative ways to engage multiple touchpoints with key opinion thought leaders and clinicians. By embracing SciKon’s capability and its fluidics device technology, InvitroCue is perfectly positioned to engage with biopharmaceutical partners through accessibility of integrated solutions,” added Dr. Abhishek Ananthanarayanan, Director of Scientific Development of InvitroCue.

“The technologies that are currently deployed by InvitroCue and SciKon Innovation offer tremendous value individually. Integrating these technologies together will allow our partnership to deliver ground breaking products to the biopharmaceutical market. We are excited to be working with InvitroCue’s talented scientific team,” said Michael McCartney Chief Operating Officer, SciKon Innovation.

This press release has been reproduced from here.

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