80% of Indian Doctors Prescribed Medicines from the 344 Banned Drugs List

Soon after it was published that India bans more than 300 combination drugs that are sold illegally, eMediNexus (a healthcare startup) conducted a survey and it revealed that nearly 80% of Indian doctors prescribed drugs from the recently banned list of 344 drugs, and up to 40% of doctors disagreed with the government’s justification for the ban.

This survey gauged the sentiment of 4,892 doctors on March 15-16, 2016, and further revealed that a quarter of doctors felt their reputation would be negatively impacted. Over 75% of surveyed doctors also opined that at least one of the drugs should not have been banned, and a third felt there should be exceptions to drug bans followed in developed nations like the United States.

Codeine and Nimesulide combinations were the main exceptions to the ban that doctors felt should have been made, amongst a vast list of other combinations.

While the government is involved in setting up capacity for healthcare, medical education, and operations, it is also a key regulator of the sector. This is against a backdrop of a nation with a significantly larger disease burden than most globally, and hence is a major responsibility. Doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers are the main stakeholders directly impacted by any drug bans, but doctors themselves are responsible for the dispensing of medicines to the population.

eMediNexus table

‘’As a healthcare advocacy platform, we at eMediNexus felt that it was important to conduct this survey to understand the sentiments of doctors who are directly affected by the ban. The results were split with 60% supporting the ban and 40% finding it an unnecessary move. Given the significant healthcare burden in our country, educating patients and doctors about the safety and efficacy of commonly used medicines is crucial so that they can take informed decisions. Our endeavor through eMediNexus is to provide doctors with the last 24 hours in medicine, keeping them informed about the latest clinical developments globally.’’ said Amit Sharma and Nilesh Aggarwal, co-Founders eMediNexus.

Read more on eMediNexus here.

This article is sourced from eMediNexus.

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