Advanced Breast Cancer Awareness Summit opens today in Singapore

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The Asia-Pacific Breast Cancer Summit (APBCS) opened today at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, celebrating its 5th successful year in Asia Pacific Region.

The two-day summit has brought together clinical, technical and policy making experts from across the region in Singapore to discuss critical issues and exchange ideas related to healthcare technology.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women in both developed and underdeveloped nations of the world, and there is a need to discuss the latest developments of the condition and its alarming increase.

The summit is chaired by some of the best minds in the field like Dr. Rebecca Dent (Senior consultant in National Cancer Centre Singapore’s division of medical oncology), Paul Mainwaring (Consultant Medical Oncologist at Australia’s ICON Cancer Care) and Shaheenah Dawood (Head of medical oncology and breast cancer programme at Dubai Hospital).

Singapore being a major clinical research hub in Asia allows regional oncology community and patients gain access to the latest scientific treatment advancements through participation in such vital gatherings.

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The summit is unique in the sense it is bringing together four different platforms at one place for the attending delegates to focus on the multidisciplinary care. This includes surgical/oncoplasty, medical oncologist, nurses / allied healthcare professionals and the patients. Breast oncoplastic surgery symposium and oncology nursing sessions are focusing on all aspects of clinical care such as surgery, radiation and oncology.

On the opening day, experts emphasized on empowering nurses by enhancing their skills for the future as this is vital for patient care and safety.

Moreover experts recognized that there is already much awareness and understanding on early breast cancer, but knowledge on advanced breast cancer is low.

As part of APBCS’s commitment to promote excellence in oncology, the programme is developed for patients and patient advocacy groups to expand education and increase awareness on advanced breast cancer and the needs of patients living with advanced breast cancer, which differs in many ways from breast cancer in the early stages.

Singapore has a vibrant medical and scientific ecosystem which boasts the presence of the world’s top research and development, biotech and medical companies. Medical experts are confident that the summit will help enriching the regional oncology community and will further enhance the overall breast cancer awareness and management in the region.


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