Recent Clinical Trials will boost the Glutathione Industry in Europe

Edison Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has recently launched clinical trials in both Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using the compound, known as EPI-589. The trials are designed to measure any measurable impact the compound has on the levels of glutathione (GSH), an important antioxidant helping the cellular functions in the body. The blood samples are collected from participants for the trial. As specifically mentioned by the researchers, this is essentially a biomarker trial and the measurement of progression of diseases is a secondary outcome.

EPI-589, also known as (R)-troloxamide Quinone, is claimed by the researchers to have significant effects on modifying GSH levels, by acting “catalytically,” meaning that the compound in small doses is required to regulate the levels GSH in human cells.


The “open label” clinical trial, as the Edison Pharmaceuticals calls it, will give all 20 participants with the active compound in pill form during the 30-day treatment phase, followed by a 90-day period in which the impact of the compound participants will be carefully monitored. Samples are collected to determine duration of response to the treatment in people that have been diagnosed with ALS.

Raptor Pharmaceuticals is also advancing clinical-stage drugs designed to boost levels of a toxin-fighting molecule called glutathione in diseases caused by affected mitochondria. All these experimental agents will be helpful in protecting the body from the toxic effects of mitochondria by boosting the GSH levels.

The researchers have recommended to make glutathione an emerging drug target across the globe. These developments will lead many pharmaceutical manufacturers to take these recommendation seriously.

There are many studies conducted by market analysts which tracks the share, size, market segmentation and detailed market forecasts of the Europe glutathione industry. One such report is added by Big Market Research Reports tilted “Europe Glutathione Industry 2015 Deep Market Research Report”. The study offers an insight into key market dynamics and changing competitive landscape in terms of winning strategies adopted by key market players.

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