Biotechin.Asia and Tech Storm collaborate to grow a global community of entrepreneurs

Biotechin.Asia has partnered with Tech Storm to strongly build the entrepreneur community at a global scale. Both companies, based in Singapore, are media destinations which strive to showcase ingenious innovations, exhilarating discoveries. Together, we share a vision of providing a platform for featuring entrepreneurs and their startups.

Biotechin.Asia features easy to understand, curated news about the latest advances in the world of biotechnology and healthcare from Asia and around the world. We aim to be at the intersection of academia, industry and startups – providing a well-rounded perspective of the biotech and healthcare sector. The steady stream of interesting content such as interviews with academicians, industry players and newsmakers make the site suited for a mainstream audience. We feature biotech and healthcare startups and provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their vision, experiences and ideas.

The co-founders of Biotechin.Asia, Laxmi Iyer and myself, Sandhya Sriram, strongly believe in building a community of all stakeholders in the biotech and healthcare sectors.

Tech Storm is a global community of tech lovers and entrepreneurs. A multi-faceted media destination to excite the next digital generation with ingenious innovations, exhilarating discoveries and technology’s rising stars, Tech Storm gets you to spaces beyond imagination with our intriguing TV programmes, original productions and editorial digest.

Debbie Lee, founder and CEO of Tech Storm says: “The Asian entrepreneurship ecosystem has been seen exponential growth in recent years. Tech Storm as the media destination and connector of startups to mass market consumers is pleased to work with Biotechin.Asia. Together, our fans will be delighted to access a wider spectrum of content made available via this partnership.”

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