BIO-IDEATE: Asia-Pacific Biohack Competition

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Asia-Pacific Biohack Competition and Croeni Foundation announce the launch of the 1stBIOIDEATE Asia-Pacific Biohack Competition”. This award entitles biohackers with cash awards and enables them to create open source innovations for health; DIY Biotech for millions in low income and developing countries.

This competition is exclusively by and for Asia-Pacific. It is specifically for residents of the Asia-Pacific countries and meant for innovations that seek to address Asia-Pacific’s unique problems.

Click HERE to  know more about “What is Biohacking?

Do you have a simple, cost-effective idea that could diagnose/cure/prevent diseases and can benefit many lives? This is your chance!

Win Grand Prizes worth S$5000!

   Grand Prize : SG$ 2,500

1st Runner Up: SG$ 1,500

2nd Runner Up: SG$ 1,000

Problems like what? A few examples…

  • The potential to analyse genes and bacteria at home, identify threats and opportunities to one’s health.
  • Possibly produce drugs that hold the promise of revolutionizing personalized healthcare for greater self-autonomy with increased life expectancy.
  • Analysis of biomarkers for actionable home-based therapy:
  1. Home-based biomarker analysis: could save lives, and motivate,
  2. prevention via a) commercial drugs or b) homemade ones

Who can apply?

– Biohackers, tinkerers, DIY enthusiasts and anyone passionate about biotechnology and creating an impact using biotechnology.

– SHOULD be residing in an Asia-Pacific country at the time of application


  • Atleast one team member should be a resident of Asia-Pacific region.
  • The team can be of 1-4 members
  • Should be a member of community. Visit to join or click here.

Judging Criteria

– Diagnosis or Prevention or Cure of major killers worldwide, such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, infectious diseases,

whereby the winning solution is:

– Available open source

– Replicable at home in a third world country within Bio DIY settings with real patients.

– Based on sound science and economics

– Successful in diagnosis, prevention or cure

– Can be used by and benefit more than 1 million people. The more people you target, higher are your chances of winning! 

When? The timeline

  • Bio-ideate Asia-Pacific Biohack competition entries open for submission: 3rd Feb 2016
  • Last day to submit ideas (in the form of a poster/infographic) – 15th April 2016
  • Online voting begins – 1 to 15 April 2016
  • Finalists submit project proposal (written) and final video (upto 8 minutes) with biohack – 15th May 2016
  • Grant commitee decides winner and announcement of final winner – 20th May 2016

 Terms and conditions:

  • All submissions should only be in English.
  • Personal data collected at the time of application and during the duration of the competition will be protected and not shared with any third party.
  • Prizes ranked highest based on Cure > Prevention > Diagnosis.
  • Final decision is up to grant maker, preferably after consulting with biohackers and medical communities.
  • Prize money (in SGD) will be disbursed within 4 weeks of announcement of the winners.
  • The award money may be used in any way the biohacker(s) deems useful to further foster the ecosystem and find solutions.
  • The winners will be given an opportunity to pitch their ideas to mentors.
  • Should be a part of the community as an email subscriber of
  • Email us at for any queries.


Croeni Foundation (

croeni logoThe Croeni Foundation was set up in 2015 to tackle some of major challenges of this millennium: GIVING, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH. Their VISION is to enable people, animals and charities to live happier, healthier and longer.

Organizers: (Publishing/Award organizing partner) ( a virtual newsroom focussed on delivering simplified, curated, fact-based news for all stakeholders in the biotech and healthcare ecosystem. It aims to nurture and bring together academicians, industry, biotech and healthcare startups onto a common platform.

   Register HERE now, Click here to go to Bio-ideate website

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For any queries, email us:


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