Johnson & Johnson Innovation announces 22 collaborations with research institutions and healthcare companies

Johnson & Johnson Innovation recently announced 22 collaborations with research institutions and healthcare companies around the world. These deals exemplify how the largest healthcare company in the world is innovating. 

The major highlights include:

New Substantial Collaboration Supports Janssen’s Hep B Cure Goal: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which is pursuing a cure for chronic Hepatitis B virus infection (HBV), is announcing its fourth deal in the past year in support of this mission.  Janssen has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. for immune-modulating agents to treat HBV and other human diseases.  This substantial collaboration follows the recent acquisition of Novira Therapeutics, which included Novira’s portfolio of novel antivirals and lead candidate, NVR 3-778.

Janssen Building R&D Scale Through External Partnership Program: Janssen and Johnson & Johnson Innovation are announcing a new program for accelerating the development of select internal, early-stage pre-clinical and clinical candidates through external collaboration.  Through the new program they will seek to partner certain assets – with the option to stay involved – and continue to increase the potential flow of new therapies for patients.  

Johnson & Johnson Innovation Activates Cross-Sector Model: The announcement of eight new consumer and medical devices collaborations reflect how strategic initiatives launched by R&D leaders in the company’s Consumer and Medical Devices sectors  – in collaboration with teams focused on external innovation – are fully leveraging the Johnson & Johnson Innovation external model.

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