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27 December 2015 – 3 January 2016

How CRISPR is revolutionizing biology

On a warm September afternoon on the verdant campus of Long Island’s Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory, an elite cadre of scientists gathered to discuss a simple yet incredibly powerful new genetic technology. Jennifer Doudna was dressed casually in a blazer and jeans, with a scarf tossed gently around her neck to compliment a loose bob of blonde hair. Raised in Hilo, Hawaii, she retains a hint of the friendly islander vibe, even though she’s been recently thrust into the scientific spotlight. (Read more)

In Focus: Siddharth Janarthanan

From as far as I can remember, two things in life have never failed to engage my interest: food and the brain. I am still not sure if ‘brain’ is the right word for what I want to describe, as ‘education’ was the first choice. We shall get to that. (Read more)

Is the man a dog’s best friend too?

We all have heard of dogs being man’s best friend. But how far is the other way round true for dogs? Has man been a good friend to dogs since the beginning of domestication? Or has he been selfish enough to breed them for his own selfish need of love and loyalty, leaving them high and dry genetically? (Read more)

Biotech Startup Pandorum Technologies Creates India’s First 3D Printed Artificial Human Liver Tissue

When it comes to major medical breakthroughs, it’s easy to assume that the newest treatments will come from the biggest names in the medical industry. After all, it’s the multi-million-dollar companies like Bayer and Pfizer that have the resources to develop the medicines and technologies needed to fight the most difficult diseases. But sometimes the most revolutionary developments come from small startup companies. (Read more)

Govt of India launches National Biotechnology Programme

In a significant decision, the government today launched a national programme which aims to turn India into a biotechnology hub and the sector into a US$ 100 billion industry with focus in areas of healthcare, food and nutrition, clean energy and education. (Read more)

Top Science Stories of 2015 – biotechin.asia

The year 2015 saw some exciting discoveries and challenges in the field of biotechnology and healthcare- from giant strides in the field of genetic engineering, especially CRISPR, to the looming threat of Ebola and a promising vaccine, advancements in 3D printing to exciting cancer research and innovations in basic science, it has been a tremendous year for science! Here are the Top 15 science stories of the year! (Read more)

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