uber Diagnostics’ Cardiotrack product launch in India


Cardiotrack deployment at Chris Hospital, Bangalore

uber Diagnostics successfully launches Cardiotrack in India in September 2015. During the first two months of the launch they have more than 100 active Cardiotrack Android app users and acquired 3000+ patient ECG records. They launched the Cardiotracks at Chris Hospital, Bangalore.

uber Diagnostics (uD), an India- and Singapore-based startup, offers simple, affordable and accessible healthcare diagnostics. uD delivers patient-centric diagnostics solution for measurable healthcare outcomes. The current solution that they have is the Cardiotrack (Read more on uD here).

According to CEO Ashim Roy, “Affordable diagnosis using Cardiotrack can potentially change patients’ behavior; they may start treatment before their cardiovascular illness reaches the stage where the only possible intervention is an expensive invasive procedure. Each instance of early diagnosis of CVD helps prevent an invasive procedure and results indirect savings.”


As Ravindran Govindan, Chairman uber Diagnostics, said recently, “The socio-economic cost of cardiovascular diseases is staggering and growing exponentially. Our investors strongly believe that uD will be a disruptor in the detection and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.”

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