Empowering the Brain: Useful for ALS

This article is in continuation to Home Healthcare and the New Normal and The “Next Generation” of Healthcare.

Royal Philips and US firm Accenture have developed a software, in 2014, to allow patients suffering from Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) to operate apparatus using brainwaves transmitted via Emotiv Insight Brainware, a wearable EEG brainwave headset.

The device, which is connected to a tablet, scans EEG brainwaves to create a “brain computer interface”. This allows the patient to issue brain commands to control Philips products including the Lifeline Medical Alert Service, SmartTV and Hue personal lighting system. The tablet also allows control via eye and voice commands.

The proof-of-concept technology could enable ALS patients to better control their environment when they lose muscle control. Even when ALS patients lose eye tracking ability, they could potentially use brain commands to control their environment through Emotiv’s sensors that track electric signals of the brain.

For more information on innovative healthcare solutions or investing in the Netherlands, contact the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency: Ms Suzanne Sweerman, Executive Director, South East Asia, at Tel: +65 6739 1135, Email: sweerman@nfia-singapore.com / Ms Adeline Tan, Senior Project Manager at Tel: +65 6739 1137, Email: tan@nfia-singapore.com or visit www.nfia-singapore.com.

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