Why Indian food is so delicious?-Science has figured it out!

Indian cuisine is liked by all throughout the world. It is known to have the most intoxiating aromas and exciting tastes. Numerous spices including cardomom, cumin, tamarind, turmeric, cloves, cayenne, chillis etc. are used in almost every dish in the Indian cuisine.

Science has now found the reason as to why Indian food is so lip-smacking delicious. Scientists from Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, Rajasthan have analyzed 2,000 popular recipes and discovered the reason which makes Indian food so unique in taste.

By studying the food pairings, they discovered that in contrast to positive food pairing reported in some Western cuisines, Indian cuisine has a strong signature of negative food pairing; more the extent of flavor sharing between any two ingredients, lesser their co-occurrence. On an average, there are over 50 flavor compounds in each food ingredient. Ingredient frequency emerged as the dominant factor specifying the characteristic flavor sharing pattern of Indian cuisine. Spices, individually and as a category, form the basis of ingredient composition in Indian cuisine.

The scientists also present a culinary evolution model which reproduces ingredient use distribution as well as negative food pairing of the cuisine. Their results talk about flavor sharing and ingredient uniqueness. Hence, from now on you can cook food using mathematical calculations and proper ingredient pairing!

More on this can be read here.

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