Nanobombs to eliminate those foodborne micro-organisms!

A study by researchers from Harvard, published in Environmental Science & Technology shows that sprinkling charged water nanoparticles onto fruits and vegetables and food production surfaces could eliminate potential food-borne microorganisms. Currently, the popular methods for sterilizing fresh farm produce is either by spraying chlorine or using quarternary ammonium compounds or UV irradiation, which destroys bacteria instantly. However, they could leave behind residues that ruin the food’s taste and are potential irritants.

“Using nanoscale water droplets to inactivate pathogenic bacteria is an innovative approach, and these early results show its effectiveness and great potential for improving the microbial safety of food supply as well as the sanitation of food processing surfaces,” Hongda Chen, acting deputy director at the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, wrote to The Scientist.

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