An adhesive gel sheet to measure biological signals

Researchers from Japan have developed an adhesive gel that can act as a sheet sensor to measure biological signals/biometric information by just sticking it to the human body. Their results have been published in Nature Communications.

The need for stable, gentle and non-allergic measuring devices in the market has sparked an interest in the electrophysiological field. These devices/probes used to measure various electric impulses of the body are extremely helpful in collecting a lot of basic biometric information. However, it is difficult to form a stable interface between the biological tissue and the electric probes for long periods, especially when the surface of the biological tissue is wet and/or the tissue exhibits motion. Hence, the researches resolved this difficulty by designing and fabricating smart, stress-absorbing electronic devices that can adhere to wet and complex tissue surfaces and allow for reliable, long-term measurements of vital signals. They attached the adhesive gel sheet to the surface of a rat heart, resulting in good conformal contact for more than 3 hours. This device can help in chronic in vivo monitoring of biological signals in the future.

The original article can be accessed here

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