Bilingual families, good news for your kids

Good news for bilingual families, especially for Singaporean families as most of the Singaporean children are born into bilingual environments. Scientists from Singapore under The GUSTO Study: Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes, have found out that there are advantages associated with exposure to two languages during infancy.

In the study, they reported that six-month old bilingual infants recognized familiar images faster than those brought up in monolingual homes. They also paid more attention to novel images compared to monolingual infants. The findings reveal a generalized cognitive advantage that emerges early in bilingual infants, and is not specific to a particular language. Scientists and clinicians from A*STAR, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, NUS, NUH and NUHS published these findings in the highly-regarded scientific journal, Child Development.


The above story is based on materials provided by A*Star Agency for Science, Technology and Research.

Full details of the discovery can be accessed online.

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