Esco, the Life Science firm, sets up S$10m venture fund for startups

Lin Xiangqian, Singaporean CEO of Esco Ventures, funded internally by the Esco group of companies, wants to mentor medtech, healthcare tech, life sciences startups. He told The Business Times, “Singapore is a small country between India and China and we can’t compete on scale. So we have to innovate to create higher-value jobs”. Esco provides lab equipment for the life sciences industry, as well as medical devices for in-vitro fertilization. “Esco has received takeover offers from US and European multinationals, but has decided to remain independent”, Lin said. He estimates the market value of his company to be between S$100 million and S$200 million. He is willing to invest in startups for life science and medtech projects in Singapore. This is good news to enthusiastic scientists and anyone interested to go beyond their scientific career.


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